1. How to build online shops faster and make profits sooner?
  2. Settings for this website
  3. How to add products
  4. How to disable the basket for one or all products in a shop?
  5. How to set two different tax rates?
  6. How to set up a cross promotion, product 'A' associated to product 'B'?
  7. How to set up a 'product discount'?
  8. How to set up a promotion: Buy a certain quantity, get a free product?
  9. How to set up quantity discounts?
  10. How to add a slideshow for a product?
  11. How to integrate a 'pdf,' 'doc,' or a technical description to my product?
  12. How to integrate 'multimedia' in my product presentation?
  13. How to define my own shipping areas — excluding states or regions?
  14. How to set up a product including 'price based options'?
  15. How to set up a product including a free text field option?
  16. How to set up a free shipping promotion?
  17. How to easily update all the prices?
  18. How to create a shipping method that will apply only to specific products?
  19. How to sell in 'decimal quantity'?
  20. How to make an option mandatory?
  21. How to activate 'Language Link'?
  22. How to change the 'navigation style'?
  23. How to change the page styles layout?
  24. How to change the 'product style'?
  25. How to insert a picture in 'Index 1' or 'Index 2'?
  26. How to create 'icons' to access different departments?
  27. How to insert multiple pictures to customize 'pages'?
  28. How to remove the 'Under construction' warning?
  29. How to replace a ShopFactory page by another url?
  30. How to change the default 'icons' and 'buttons' in ShopFactory?
  31. How to adjust the number of products in the pages?
  32. How to insert Flash animations in my pages?
  33. How to change the product listing on the fly?
  34. How to change menus in the 'order form' and make some fields 'mandatory'?
  35. Basic check up's before publishing your shop?
  36. How to make a backup of my shop?
  37. How to import a version 6 or version 7 shop into ShopFactory 8?
  38. How to customize the 'default template' pictures?
  39. How to customize HTML code?
  40. How to insert a 'background picture'?
  41. How to change a default navigation text?
  42. How to insert an e-mail address link on a page?
  43. How to create a link to other webpages or documents?
  44. How to offer 'free shipping' on specific products only?
  45. How to display the shipping costs in 'real time' for a product?
  46. How will orders be recieved — merchants and customers?
  47. How to set up a minimum purchase volume per product?
  48. How to add or replace your company logo?